Skull Head


In this generation, we have pretty much seen just about everything. We have had celebrities wearing meat outfits, individuals skydiving from space stations and some of the tallest buildings ever built in human history, so we decided to do something crazy and all in the name of charity.


We have a niche window cleaning service that we offer to individuals who do not mind spending a pound or two. Avinchi Cleaning Solutions now offers a window cleaning service in which we use some of the best Vodka known to human civilization. Crystal Head of course! All profits go to the charity of the customer’s choice.


Crystal Head is a superb vodka, made by Dan Aykroyd! That’s right, this is the unofficial vodka of Ghostbusters! This amazing celebrity-endorsed vodka is distilled ad filtered through 500 million year old crystals called Herkimer diamonds. It is brought down to bottling strength with pure Newfoundland water and is bottled in a handsome crystal skull made by Bruni Glass in Italy.


The customer will first start off by choosing the charity that they would like all profits to go and we will then give them a quote on how much it will cost them to have the windows cleaned,  get this, we will even clean the frames and window housing, Now that is top quality service! It will be at the customer’s discretion if they would like to keep the skull head.


If you are interested in our niche service, then contact us via our website and one of our representatives will get in contact within the hour.